Sermon Summary for January 12, 2014

 Almost every one of us is called to leadership in some way. For some people their leadership is almost unnoticed but very important nonetheless.  For other people this leadership is exercised in very public ways like the leadership of Joshua.  What kind of leader are you?  Do you know what makes a good leader?  A good leader Follows THE Leader.  A good leader is first called and commanded by God, he then operates as a servant of God and of others.  Good leaders are strong and courageous, not because they themselves are invincible but because God is with them. Furthermore, good leaders follow the instructions of THE Leader in his revealed word.  They delegate authority to others and take action in the faith that God will do what he has promised.  Good leaders produce loyal followers – not just of themselves, but of The Great leader whom they represent.  In the end the mark of a good leader will be measured by the life they lived and the example that they left for others to follow.  Follow THE Leader.

Brother Linford Berry