The Calvary Mennonite Fellowship Sunday School program is undergoing some changes again this school year. The primary changes are coming in the adult classes. Plans are for a growing selection of elective classes to be offered in the coming years. We are beginning that transition this Sunday. Some of the changes you will notice are as follows:

1.      The opening activities in the auditorium will be shortened. There will only be a verse or two of song followed by prayer and class introductions.

2.      The adult offerings for the first quarter are as follows:

a.       Mixed adult class for all age groups using the regular Sunday School quarterly – David Burkholder teaching – meets in auditorium in the furthest section to the right in the front pews. This is one section over from where this class was previously meeting.

b.      Men’s adult class for all age groups using the regular Sunday School quarterly – Andy Yoder teaching – meets in the auditorium in the left rear corner.

c.       Women’s adult class for all age groups using the regular Sunday School quarterly – Elizabeth Burkholder teaching – meets in the nursery across the hallway from the auditorium. This is a change in location.

d.      Elective 1 – meeting in a classroom of CCA – “Fear of Man” taught by David Showalter. This is a well-prepared course that explores the relationship between the Fear of God and the Fear of Man.

e.       Elective 2 – meeting in a classroom of CCA – “Two Ways” taught by James Groff. This is a basic introduction to Christianity to serve as a refresher for believers and also provides a meaningful way of learning to clearly communicate the Gospel of Christ.

f.       Elective 3 – meeting in a classroom of CCA – “Membership Matters” taught by one of the pastors. This will likely begin in mid to late September and run for about 9 weeks and is suggested for all membership applicants and those interested in considering membership. Attendance at these classes is expected prior to becoming a member and is encourage as a refresher for current members.

Note – some of these classes may be taught by substitutes initially/occasionally. Please come early to allow for some “settling in time” to be sure these changes can be implemented as efficiently as possible.