Sermon Series

The Most Important Things Sermon Series by Linford Berry
There are many important things in life.  Sometimes it seems to us as if almost everything is urgently important. In the Christian life and in the life of our church it often seems the same way.  So many crucial tasks, so many important doctrines, so many important lifestyle issues, yet far too often we get bogged down in all sorts of important things while neglecting the most important.   On the other hand, the danger often is to focus on the truly most important and relegate everything else to not important status.  But if we do that, eventually even the most important things will eventually be undermined.  The challenge for us is to keep the most important things in proper perspective while not ignoring the other necessary and important things.  How should we navigate this treacherous path? One of ways that we can safely find our way along this path is to consistently and explicitly connect the dots between the most important things and all the other important things.
In this sermon series, we will explore 4 of the most important things in our Christian life and the life of our church.  These things are not the only important things, but they are a few of the most important.  Without these things, all the other good and important things will suffer and eventually we will fail to be the people or the church that God has called us to be.  We will seek to connect the dots between these most important things and all the other valuable and important things that we deal with as a church.  By doing this, we can hopefully establish a framework of priority out of which we will be able to approach and deal with problems or issues that arise in ways that glorify God and build up his church.
September 15, 2013: The Importance of the Gospel - Romans 1:15-17
We all know the gospel is important. But why is it so important?  Do we see the gospel as essential in everything that we are and do or are we ashamed of the Gospel? The gospel is the revelation of the power and perfection of God and we can access this power and this righteousness only through faith.  The gospel must be the force which drives everything that we do as individuals and as a church.
October 13, 2013: The Most Important Person - Psalm 111
Do you want to be wise and successful in life?  It is often said, that it is not what you know but who you know that determines success or failure in this life.  This is true in the spiritual realm as well as the material, but in the spiritual world, who you know also determines what you know.  Everything that we are called to do is to be done in a way that accords with the nature and character of God himself.  God is the perfect standard and he calls his children to join him in that perfection – this is true wisdom and success.  So we must study the nature and character of God, and join in relationship with him - if we are ever to accomplish anything of wisdom, greatness, or goodness.
October 27, 2013: The Most Important Activity - Mark 12:28-34
What is the most important thing we could or should do as either an individual or collectively as a church?  What is our mission and purpose in this world?  When Jesus was asked this question he responded very clearly with a command to love God with our whole being and to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.  To love God with our whole being is to worship him.  To worship God is to minister to and serve others.  So worship becomes the primary activity of the Christian and the Church.
December 8, 2013: The Most Important Book - 2 Timothy 3:12-4:5
Our world today is full of many voices competing for our attention and promising to provide the solution to our problems.  Most of these voices proclaim themselves as the expert. They publish a torrent of articles, blogs, and books.  Of the making of books there seems to be no end.  But there is one book that is different from the rest.  There is one book that completely fulfills its promises.  There is one book that will provide everything that we need in order to be competent men and women of God.  It is this book- the word of God - that we must read and preach if we are going to survive as individuals and as a church in the increasingly evil times in which we live.