The Gospel

The Gospel (Good News of Jesus) is the central message of the church. It is this message that we proclaim. It is this message that has brought us together, a group of people with no other natural connections.

This is the gospel in a nutshell.

God created a good and beautiful world. Into this world He placed humanity with an assigned task of managing the earth under His care and guidance. Upon the suggestion of the Evil One, man decided to distrust God and instead trust his own insights and perspectives. In this state of rebellion, God in His holiness sent humanity from the garden, cursed the ground and man was set on a course of death - eternal death. God, because of His great love for humanity, sent Jesus, His only Son, to die on the cross. In His crucifixion, Jesus took upon Himself the sin, pain, shame and suffering of the world and carried it to death. God raised Him from the dead. Now by God's grace all who in faith surrender themselves to Jesus Christ - Messiah, Savior, Lord - are forgiven of their sins, spiritually reborn and gifted with eternal life. This gracious gift of salvation transforms the hardened heart and begins a life-time of growing into the image of Christ. Jesus has promised that what He begins He will complete. And so, all who are reborn, await with confidence Jesus' return when He will complete the work of redemption by creating a new heavens and new earth where redeemed humanity will live with Him in a newly ordered world under His righteous rule.