In Affiliation

ust a few of our associations and friends......
  • Biblical Mennonite Alliance - Calvary Mennonite Fellowship is a charter member of the alliance of churches frequently referred to as BMA. 
  • Shenandoah Christian Music Camp - SCMC exists to nurture spiritual vitality with musical excellence. It was founded as a ministry of Calvary Mennonite Fellowship but has recently been adopted by a new parent - Anabaptist Renaissance Consortium.
  • Shenandoah Institute of Music & Art -  SIMA developed out of the ministry of SCMC and provides more intensive music training in primarily in a four week summer school. It too, is now a subsidiary of Anabaptist Renaissance Consortium.
  • Fellowship of Concerned Mennonites - FCM has no direct affiliation with Calvary Mennonite Fellowship; however, two former pastors have been in leadership roles. George R. Brunk II and Paul Emerson who currently serves as the executive director. 
  • Sword and Trumpet - The Sword and Trumpet is a monthly periodical begun in 1929 by George R. Brunk I, to defend, proclaim and promote the whole Gospel of our Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ. More recently George R. Brunk II served as the editor. Presently, Paul Emerson, pastor emeritus of Calvary Mennonite Fellowship serves as the editor. 
  • DestiNATIONS International  - DNI is the mission organization of BMA and exists to make Christ's last command our first priority - church planting among unreached people groups. 
  • Elnora Bible Institute - EBI is a Bible Institute sponsored and operated by BMA and exists to for the spiritual formation and discipleship training of men and women for the purpose of preparing people for missions, ministry, serving their local congregations anto foster general spiritual enrichment.
  • Faith Builders Educational Programs - FB is a private, co-educational, post-secondary education institution rooted in the conservative Anabaptist tradition located in north western Pennsylvania. They seek to disciple the head, heart and hands.